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Steff and Go
12 February 2020 @ 11:34 am

Semi-Friend Locked!! :D

Feel free to comment and I will have no problem adding you! (as long as we have some common interests of course! :P) Some hints as to what I like? Korean and Japanese musicians <3 Yeah.Dong Bang Shin Ki, Arashi, CN Blue, 2pm, B2ST, 2ne1, Big Bang, MBLAQ, FT Island, etc etc. ^_^よろしくね!
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Steff and Go
01 March 2011 @ 12:20 am
....I should start writing again.

Too many thoughts swirling around these days....whether that is a good thing or not, I do not know.
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Steff and Go
30 December 2010 @ 04:10 pm
Steff and Go
16 March 2010 @ 02:00 am

LOVE ITTTTTTT <3 2AM is ruling my soul right now. I think they are going to get all the attention now with 2PM being in questionable status. And I am totally okay with that :D As much as I love 2PM, I love their other half just as much ^_______^
Hwaiting! JinWoon is too much love! <3
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Steff and Go
01 March 2010 @ 02:48 am
OKAY PEOPLE. I know I don't have too many friends on my f-list that like K-pop, but if you like 2pm and you like like them regardless of them missing a member:
.... pwease? :)
The boys need some support..seriously.

On a random note...I need me a 2PM icon...Junho pwease
(goes on the search)
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Steff and Go
15 February 2010 @ 01:37 am
So... I did some f-list cuts. Not a lot, just some here and there.

If you can still see this post you are in the clear :P

If for some reason I cut you and you are all "HAY! ADD ME BACK" I will, just comment :D
But I mostly cut people I don't talk to or who don't update, so I'm sure no one will notice :P
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...random adorkable Jun-chan for you ^_^
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Steff and Go
31 December 2009 @ 08:50 pm

I am addicted to this song and I am not even sure why... :DDD
Their Japanese is so much love. It's not good yet really, but that makes the song even cuter.
...plus T.O.P is sexy as hell here. *drool*

Anyway, Happy New Year!! :DDD I am about to go shower off the pizza smell (i just got off work) and get ready to partay! :DDD
Steff and Go
25 December 2009 @ 12:44 pm

WIIIIIN TVXQ number 1 on twitter, this was granted an hour ago, but it was #1 for about an hour. :DDD
I love TVXQ fandom so much! ^----^
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Steff and Go
15 December 2009 @ 09:33 pm

New layout!! :D I love me some Yunho, especially when he is really really hot....>.>

CHECK IT======

iylover iylover iylover iylover

Some squishable Junsu for his birthday :DDDCollapse )

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Steff and Go
18 October 2009 @ 04:41 pm

Sorry, scroll down, my layout is too narrow :(

CDS: (clockwise)
Tohoshinki Break Out! RE - $10
Tohoshinki Break Out! LE - $10
Aozora Pedal Limited Edition (Taiwan version) - $10
2PM- Don't Stop Can't Stop - $12
Super Junior- Mr. Simple (Heechul version) - $15 (because it is giant) (not pictured)


Cut 03/2009 Johnny Depp on cover, Sho-kun promotion for Yatterman - $12
+Act 2009 Vol. 19 - Sho-kun on cover, promoting Yatterman - $15

Switch Vol. 27 No. 4 April 2009 - Arashi 10th Anniversary special - $10
Mgirl 2009 Spring/Summer (Aiba in issue) - $15

Popolo 4/2009 (Arashi) - $10
Popolo 5/2009 (Arashi) - $10
Monthly Television 1.27-2.28 2009 Arashi on cover. $5 (cover has a tiny bit of damage)
Weekly Television 8.15-8.21 2009 Arashi on cover - $7

Duet 5/2006 - Yamapi on cover $10
Duet 3/2009 - Arashi on cover - $10
Wink Up 6/2009 Sho-kun version for 10th anniversary - $10
Myojo 4/2009 - Kat-tun on cover - $10

0415-0515 Arashi (Pikanichi photobook) - $35
2 unofficial photobooks of Sho and Ohno (not sure of the names) - $8 each

Arashi Summer Tour Time 2007 Pamphlet - $45

Yatterman Official Visual Book - $35

G-Dragon Shine a Light Photobook - $15 (If you want the concert DVD too, just ask, it's $30 for both)

NEWS, KAT-TUN, Tackey, Ikuta Toma official photos - $2/each
NEWS Photo album - $5



News Calendar Circles: ONLY 5 and 11 with Shige. Comes in a tin. - $3 (not pictured)

Stageplay/Musical Goods:
Seminar Butai Pamphlet. (Shige from NEWS) $30
Green Fingers Pamphlet. (Aiba) $30

Tears of Heaven concept album (with lots of pictures of Junsu) - $15

Giant Sho - $5

Jun Clippings - $2 for both.
Kame/Jin (double sided) - $3

Double sided: NEWS/ Nino, Sho, Toma

Giant NEWS Posters- $5 each or $10 for all 3.

Things to note:
I use Paypal! Concealed cash is ok too, but AT BUYERS RISK.

Make me a deal! ^.^ Priced are also negotiable. I don't want to have to move this stuff again! ;P

Sold ItemsCollapse )